Remote control for trailer hitches

Technical data

The mechanical remote control can be used for all automatic hitches which are prepared accordingly:

  • Reception for the Bowden cable on the hand lever axle (A)
  • Bowden cable duct on the support cover of the hitch (B)

Series RO*850, RO*860, RO*873, RO*846 See assembly instructions for installation of the remote control.

Bowden cable lever

Technical data

Installation in the drivers cab

The Bowden cable lever can be installed in any position, depending on the type of the tractor.

Fit the Bowden cable lever in such a way that unintentional opening of the hitch is ruled out.
Order no. ROE 71164

Bowden cable

Technical data

In calculating of the length of the Bowden cable make sure, to take account of the rotation and height adjustment of the hitch!

Selection table

Order No. Length (mm)
ROE 57337 850
ROE 57338 950
ROE 57339 1000
ROE 57340 1250
ROE 57341 1500
ROE 57342 1600
ROE 57343 2000
ROE 57344 2500
ROE 57345 3000
ROE 57346 4000
ROE 57347 5000